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Sharecurely Standalone

The standalone version of Sharecurely offers comparable features to the our Atlassian plugins. Documents can be securely sent and the app provides an overview of sent and received documents. Registration only requires a confirmed email address.

The standalone version will be available free of charge until the end of January 2024.


The inbox gives an overview of the documents that have been shared with you.


Secure Share standalone inbox
Secure Share standalone outbox

Your outbox gives an overview of the documents you have shared with others.



Sharing a document is as easy as uploading a file or entering a text snippet and specifying a recipient email address.


Secure Share standalone share

The future of standalone

We are constantly working on improving and adding new features to our standalone application. Among the features we are working on are:

  • Replies: To allow for simpler communication, we are working on enabling standalone users to reply to documents sent from other standalone users as well as Atlassian users.
  • Organizations: We are working on enabling organizations to manage document sharing on an organization wide level and give them a way to .
  • Icelandic electronic IDs: We are working on allowing authentication through Icelandic electronic IDs (rafræn skilríki) to further enhance the privacy of documents shared within Iceland.