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About us

Meet the team

Our team consists of professionals with a strong foundation in cybersecurity and privacy law. We are committed to delivering solutions that prioritize your digital security and data privacy.


Björn Orri Guðmundsson


With over ten years of experience in the international software industry, Björn Orri has established himself as a versatile and innovative professional. His journey began at Tempo, where he was among the inaugural team members, a testament to his pioneering spirit.

Throughout his career, Björn has demonstrated exceptional versatility, transitioning seamlessly between roles such as DevOps Engineer, Backend Engineer, and Frontend Engineer. His expertise is not limited to technical prowess; he has also excelled in leadership. As Lead Architect, he orchestrated multiple cross-functional and interdisciplinary teams, steering a diverse range of projects from software development to strategic initiatives like mergers and acquisitions.

Björn's academic foundation is as robust as his professional one, holding a Bachelor of Science degree from the prestigious University of Iceland. His educational background complements his practical experience, providing a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the software development landscape.


Hjalti Magnússon


Hjalti is a highly skilled cybersecurity specialist with a distinguished academic background. With a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Computer Science, Hjalti brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to the table.

Hjalti started his journey as an educator, serving as an adjunct lecturer at the  University of Reykjavík. This experience not only honed his ability to convey complex concepts effectively but also instilled a deep commitment to knowledge sharing and empowering others in the field of technology.

Drawing from years of hands-on experience as a security engineer, Hjalti possesses a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of application assessments and penetration testing.

Beyond professional pursuits, Hjalti is an avid contributor to the Icelandic CTF Association, actively participating in the training of the national cybersecurity team. This passion for knowledge sharing underscores Hjalti's commitment to the broader cybersecurity community.